Tamara Bubble Hums Her Way Into A “SPELL” | Official Movie Trailer

Listen up for @tamarabubble haunting choir vocals, humming cover of ‘I Put A Spell On You’ in Paramount’s “SPELL” official movie trailer starring Omari Hardwick and Loretta Devine … #ForGoodnessSync

#WatchSpell 📺 premieres at home and in select theaters October 30 🎥

Spell Trailer

Tamara Bubble Celebrates the ‘Superwoman’ in new single!

Tamara Bubble is baaaack serving pure “Hero & Heartbreaker” on her latest release. SUPERWOMAN is the 2020 version of ‘Miss Independent’ on steroids … NeYo and Jamie Foxx would be proud! Tamara enlists London based female producer @indigohertz, a superwoman in her own right, as she spits pure confidence bars on an eerie trap beat just in time for Halloween. Press play … there’s no costume necessary to boss up and flex your superpowers!  http://smarturl.it/imasuperwoman


Tamara Bubble is Looking for “ACTION” in new single 🎬

“Eww, you lazy don’t even hit my line” … Tamara Bubble is not here for any excuses or procrastination in her latest single “ACTION”.  The track produced by Cali based @stankdoc will definitely keep your head nodding with it’s west coast twang while Bubble spits pure motivation bars on top! Take action and press play http://smarturl.it/getaction

Tamara Bubble is Here for One Last Summer Celebration in “Get Back to My Life”


While COVID may have singlehandedly snatched away our our Spring + Summer 2020 plans, Bubble is back with one final turn up in “GET BACK TO MY LIFE”.  The track produced by Los Angeles based @donniebarren is sprinkled with some party pop and beach vibey rock, but Tamara Bubble definitely brings all the Soul as she reminisces on the good times and invites us to welcome some form of normalcy back into our lives. Have all the fun you want, even if it means bringing your mask to the beach, BBQ or pool party and get your dancing shoes ready because wearing a mask will NOT stop your feet from moving! Crank your speakers loud as we celebrate a happy, healthy “socially distanced” Labor Day #BubbleOnDeck http://smarturl.it/getbacktomylife

Stream / Playlist / Download “GET BACK TO MY LIFE”

Trump has officially been named a “DICTATOR” 😱 in New Single by Tamara Bubble!

Tamara Bubble Clowns All the ‘Big Haters’ in New Single “Dictator”!

‘Big Haters’ Beware! Tamara Bubble will definitely hurt your feelings in her bold new single “Dictator”. Tamara takes shots at opinionated, unsupportive dudes from beginning to end on a hauntingly saucy trap beat produced by Chicago based @jmixx. We think the track should be called ‘lil dictator’ because Tamara Bubble mockingly makes it clear that women are bosses and no ‘lil dictator’ can tell you what to do when you’re already making moves sis … female empowerment record at its finest!  Stream / Buy / Playlist “DICTATOR” via  http://smarturl.it/lildictator


BONUS: Tamara Bubble even attributed the artwork to Trump, who she credits as the biggest ‘lil dictator’ in American history and gives a shout out to Melania for keeping her lil dictator in check. We don’t know how much longer she can tolerate his shenenigans, but press play and watch the compilation video below! #BubbleOnDeck


Melania Trump Checks Her Lil Pee Wee “DICTATOR” Hubby! [Compilation]

Michelle Obama listens to the Bubble! 🎧 “Self Motivated”​ added to her Spotify Playlist + USA Today!

Michelle Obama Features Bubble’s “Self Motivated” on Spotify Playlist inspired by her Podcast

Tamara Bubble has been winning ever since she declared “Your Favorite Rapper is a Girl 2”! Since the album’s release, “Self Motivated” (TRACK 5) produced by @Stankdoc has been featured in Season 4 on Insecure, landed 3 commercials in Belgium and now made it’s way to the ears of our Forever 1st Lady Queen Madam President #Flotus … MICHELLE OBAMA!
Michelle Obama’s “Black Girl Magic” playlist featuring “Self Motivated” by Tamara Bubble was also featured in USA TODAY!
STREAM “Your Favorite Rapper is a Girl 2” OUT NOW!

The Flock: Rap/Hip-Hop: The Abnorm, Joe Quinto, Surreal, Tamara Bubble, Shwayze

The Flock is an idea that we had to help fans of a specific genre find multiple bands they love in one post. It helps us provide value to you, the reader, by putting more of what you want in one place. It also helps the artists. Fans of their music come to the page and become fans of other similar artists, growing their fanbase more efficiently. It also helps artists connect with other artists who have a similar feel, so they can help each other out, work together, play shows, etc. Our goal here is to help promote artists that we believe in and want to see succeed. The Flock is a great way to help with that, and we’ve seen some really cool things happen because of it. Let’s get into this edition of The Flock.

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The Abnorm…

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A song about gun violence … TOO BUSY!

Remember Notorious B.I.G.’s  90s anthem ‘Big Poppa’? … “You got a gun up in your waist, please don’t shoot up the place. Why? Cuz I see some ladies tonight that should be having my baby, baby”. Well Tamara Bubble is a few decades late with her response record, but definitely gets her point across in “Too Busy 

Too Busy - Single Cover - Tamara Bubble

We too busy getting lit, we ain’t dying tonight” sings Tamara Bubble in between rowdy, aggressive, passionate bars while chanting that the only ‘shots’ we wanna hear ringing out in a club better be coming from a DRANK and the only ‘pop pop pop pop’ we wanna hear is coming from “bottle service when we hear a bop” !!  @TheCratez produced track coupled with Tamara’s ever-changing flow and swag is juicy enough to make even the goons dance and hopefully reconsider shooting up the club for the night. 

Tamara Bubble penned ‘Too Busy’ because she sick of gun violence and the fact no one considers the girls caught in the crossfire, running around in high heels dodging bullets, titties flying everywhere. Ladies looking crazy in the shoot out footage!! If we’re the reason you came to the club, why are you shooting now when you could just dance and get lit!!!! A song about gun violence has never been so litty … press play if you not too busy! #BubbleOnDeck

DIY Queen: Get to know Tamara Bubble


Tamara Bubble is a lot of things: a singer, rapper, dancer, entertainer, actress, model, and the ultimate blend of pop, R&B, jazz, soul, and hip-hop.

What sets Charlotte-based creative apart from everyone producing is that she actually is….busy. Named “Female Rapper of the Year” by the Underground Music Awards, Tamara’s productivity is astounding.

“Your Favorite Rapper is a Girl” streaming on all platforms #BubbleOnDeck. Listen and read our interview with the prolific femme below.

How has Missy Elliot’s work inspired yours? 
Missy does it all effortlessly, rapper, singer, producer! Her music videos were colorful and out of the box. Her style and fashion was the cookie-cutter stereotypical “female rapper” get up. She’s just dope. She’s a constant reminder that when you’re original you don’t have to fit in, the people will make room for you and your creativity.

Why DIY? 
Tech N9ne, Chance the Rapper, and Russ (before he signed)…

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“Living Like I’m Lucky” prod by @KrazyFigz is set to air in retail locations throughout North America!

“Your Favorite Rapper is a Girl”, but she sings too and has landed a major retail placement! Expect to hear some Tamara Bubble vocals in a mall or two near you because her brand new single “Living Like I’m Lucky” will air across popular national indoor and outdoor mall chains, national retail shops, restaurant chains, fashionable retail plazas and well-know big box retailers in the US and Canada.

Stream “Living Like I’m Lucky” http://smarturl.it/livinglucky & Watch her official music video “Laundry” https://youtu.be/WoifGekYHXA . Let us know in the comments whether you prefer BARS or VOCALS from Tamara Bubble! #BubbleOnDeck

Living Like I'm Lucky - Cover Art