Aretha Franklin – R.E.S.P.E.C.T. [@TamaraBubble Cover]

“I’d like to see her do some Aretha if she could do it” … side eye to the shade, but she’s up for the challenge!

Check out Tamara Bubble cover the Queen #ArethaFranklin R.E.S.P.E.C.T. #YouBeTheJudge #BubbleOnDeck

Tamara Bubble’s “Towel Boy” makes International Radio Playlist [Lopsided World of L]


Tamara Bubble’s new single “Towel Boy” has been added to the playlist Lopsided World of L … here’s the WEEKEND SCHEDULE when to listen April 17-19 to | More information on website

Friday April 17 on Athens Greece 14:00 GMT- 15:00 CET- 16:00 EETin America: 6am Pacific- 8am Central- 9am East Coast

Friday April 17 Liverpool, England6- 8 pm in United Kingdom – 7pm Central Europe America:10am Pacific- Noon Central- 1pm East Coast

Saturday April 18 Los Angeles 11am Pacific- Central- 2pm East Coast in Europe: 19:00 GMT- 20:00 CET- 21:00 EET

Sunday April 19 on Berlin, Germany 21:00 GMT- 22:00 CET- 23:00 EETin America 1pm Pacific- 3pm Central- 4pm East Coast(rebroadcast following Tuesday & Thursday (same times)

Sunday April 19 on Tucson, Arizona11pm- 1am Rock 102 FM

Sunday April 19 on Los Angeles 10pm Pacific- Midnight Central- 1am East Coast (Europe is wee hours Monday morning)

Sunday April 19 107.5 FM New Zealand 8-10pm in New Zealand –6-8pm Sydney, Australia Saturday April 18 11pm Pacific CoastSunday April 19 morning 7am U.K.- 8am Central Europe

Same edition runs following Wednesday on
KWSS 93.9 FM Phoenix ( at 10pm
Same edition runs following Thursday Radio Andra Gothenburg11am Pacific- 1pm Central- 2pm East Coast in Europe: 19:00 GMT- 20:00 CET- 21:00 EET

Tamara Bubble Hosts all-new TV Show “U gon Get Got”

WATCH Episode 1: “If That’s Your Real Name” of U gon Get Got (Hosted by Tamara Bubble)

 Visit for more information on how to be a guest on an upcoming episode

site cover

U gon Get Got! is an online TV show that exposes scammers in the entertainment business (sports, acting, music, comedy, etc). The show will also highlight good companies and professionals; a platform that host Tamara Bubble believes will build a stronger independent arts community.


Check the database so you don’t get got too! Send letters to be a guest/featured on the show!

UgonGetGot Be A Guest on our ShowUgonGetGot Send Viewer Letter - Expose someone outside of entertainment

Tamara Bubble on the Cover of APRIL 2015 Issue of BWD Magazine!


A powerfully sexy Tamara Bubble glows on the cover of BWD’s April 2015 issue as she proudly embraces her success and emerging dominance of…..[12]



If you are interested in subscribing to our Monthly Print Releases, please visit us at
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Tamara Bubble PERFORMING LIVE @ Southport Spring Festival Saturday 4/4

Check out @tamarabubble at this year’s Southport Spring Festival in Southport, NC

April 4, 2015  |  SHOWTIME 11:45 AM – 12:45 PM  |  FRANKLIN SQUARE PARK

Southport Spring Festival

Tamara Bubble Interview w/ High Noon Radio [Broadcast Link]

Tamara Bubble had an entertaining, yet in-depth interview LIVE with High Noon Radio today! Click here to replay the Broadcast if you missed it: #BubbleOnDeck

Tamara Bubble interview on high noon radio

Tamara Bubble is the “One To Know” in March 2015 Issue Misfit Tunes

Tamara Bubble was featured in the March 2015 issue of Check out the #Exclusive #OneToKnow feature of Tamara Bubble starting on page 22  #BubbleOnDeckTamara Bubble featured in Misfit Tunes

Tamara Bubble Lands Music Placement in Upcoming Production

Music Placement Tamara Bubble


Tamara Bubble:

<3 this!

Originally posted on Thembisa Mshaka:

michelleobamavogueMichelle Obama’s presence is a welcome, seismic shift from the stereotypical image of women of color as accessories to their own exploitation in media. In her non-celebrity post as the Most Influential Woman of the Free World, Mrs. Obama is covered by media daily around the globe, giving her the power to unravel the thread of negative perception about Black women in a way that even the mighty Oprah could not.  Dealing a major blow to the video ho, Mrs. Obama is the only First Lady to make Maxim’s 100 Hottest Women In The World, holding her own at #93 with starlets and models.

This awesome power now has a name: The Michelle Effect.

As far as I’m concerned it’s about time the hoochie fell out of fashion. She’s been pop culture’s go-to stereotype for long enough. BET Uncut was cancelled. The Girls Next Door had their final season. The window of…

View original 507 more words

New Single “Towel Boy” by Tamara Bubble!

Tamara Bubble switches gears and pens a seductive ode to her potential “Towel Boy”. Showers will never be the same as juicy harmonies fill the chorus up “dripping wet” with melodies offset by sensual rap-talk. Towel boy was written and performed by Tamara Bubble, produced by Krazy Figz and is the latest single release of her “Living It Up” EP. Stream on and download on or iTunes!

Tamara Bubble - Towel Boy - SINGLE COVER


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