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ILLMUZIK EXCLUSIVE: Natural Born Performer … Tamara Bubble!

Tamara Bubble sat down with Relic for detailed Q&A exclusive for Illmuzik. Click here for the full interview

Tamara Bubble Interview with IllMuzik

Do you like to do collaborations?

I like them, but I don’t want anybody’s co-sign so I’ve intentionally steered clear of any collabs so far. I want people to know what I can bring to table. The singing, the scatting, the rapping. The vocal range. The lyrical prowess. The authenticity. The versatility. The collabs will come, but I want to be a household name first ^_^.

Have you won any awards?

No grammys yet… but I’ve been nominated for several indie awards including songwriting, female artist of the year, best artist website, and video of the year.

Did someone have to push you to make music?

Nope! Even to this day, I’ve never had writer’s block or anything. The lyrics, the melodies, they come to me. They pop in my head all the time at the weirdest moments and off the smallest things. I’ve accepted that so now when my brain interrupts my life, I just stop what I’m doing and record the melodies in my phone or write the lyrics down on paper or napkins or whatever I can get my hands on so I don’t forget. LOL, I will stop dead in the middle of our conversation and write down the song… sometimes it’s the entire song! Sorry to make you wait, but that’s money! LOL, or I’ll just keep singing until I can’t forget it.

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MUSIC REVIEW: 360 Magazine on Tamara Bubble!


Here’s what 360 Magazine had to say about Tamara Bubble:

Tamara Bubble - 360 Mag Music Review

EXCLUSIVE: Tamara Bubble Interview with LFM (UK Publication)

Tamara Bubble sat down with Tajinda Sandhu of  LFM Official (in the UK) and gave up some juicy details on her music and all things bubbly! Click here for the full interview

What made you get into music? It wasn’t just music, it was entertaining in general. I love singing, acting and modeling. I L-O -V-E the camera! I always did stupid little ‘entertaining’ things around the house until somebody got annoyed. I used to sing until my sisters told me to shut up and then I’d get louder. They would tell Mommy on me grrrr. 

Tamara Bubble Exclusive with LFM Official

Has your upbringing influenced you in any way, during your musical journey?  Yep. My momma is a preacher! I know better than to be shaking my bubble, half-bucked naked all over the place.  I had doubts that my family wouldn’t support me, but what I was really afraid of what that my parents would be disappointed in my career choice. When I first told my momma I quit my job to do music, she flew to NY to check on me! She thought I was on drugs!  LOL, but I was prepared. I had my whole business plan ready … to explain … not to an investor, but to my momma! I was trying to explain the unexplainable. It wasn’t like I just woke up one day and wanted to do this. I just woke up one day and realized I couldn’t do without it! 

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Tamara Bubble

Neo2Soul Promotions

bannerShe is singer/songwriter/actor

Tamara Bubble2Picture the ultimate blend of pop, r&b, jazz, hip hop and soul. music that defies genre. delivered with raw vocals and heartfelt emotion, Tamara creates timeless hits that will be around for years to come.

In a world where emerging artists are constantly given advice to stay in their lane and maintain creativity, Tamara has been a granted a permit to serve her soulful melodies to the masses on a platter of music genres.

Tamara Bubble – My Photographer (OFFICIAL – HQ)

Tamara Bubble - 1She reigns in the independent music realm as the Pop, R&B, Jazz and Hip-Hop singing sensation that has also been known to spit a few bars, act and model.

Tamara was born in Brooklyn, NY with a beautifully strong voice that could easily pierce a rowdy crowd and calm them to listeners, admirers even.

As a youngster, she grew up singing background and harmony…

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Fast Five: Tamara Bubble on More Than The Music (UK: MTTM)

Check out Tamara Bubble’s full Fast Five interview on More Than the Music (UK Blog)

Fast Five - Tamara Bubble

Tamara Bubble featured in Spring Issue of ETZ Magazine!

Click here to read a copy of the latest issue  of ETZ Magazine featuring Tamara Bubble (starts at page 114)!

Tamara Bubble in ETZ Magazine (2) Tamara Bubble in ETZ Magazine (1)