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Power Players Magazine Endorsed Artist: Tamara Bubble!

Tamara Bubble was selected for feature on PP Mag’s latest #NoCussing compilation. Check out the drop from Troy Taylor, Editor of Power Players Magazine …

Tamara Bubble with MUA Lola

Tamara Bubble Featured in May/June ’13 Issue of OGM Magazine (Tearsheets)

Tamara Bubble was featured in the latest issue of OvaGround Mogul Mag!! See tearsheets below and get your digital copy of the May/June issue for the full feature / interview with Tamara Bubble and much more! Visit and for printed and digital version of OGM! #BubbleOnDeck

ogm may-june 2013 Tamara Bubble 1 ogm may-june 2013 Tamara Bubble 3

Tamara Bubble’s feature starts on page 24!

Also, Blake Cortes @BlakeC3506 is credited as the Tamara’s Contributing Photographer (see photo above on right / index page)

ogm may-june 2013 Tamara Bubble 24 ogm may-june 2013 Tamara Bubble 25

It’s Official … Tamara Bubble is a Microphone FEEN!!!

Check out the latest addition to the Microphone Feen blog via FEEN Magazine … none other than Tamara Bubble!

Tamara Bubble - MicrophoneFEEN