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LFM Music Review – Tamara Bubble ‘Living It Up’

Check out the full review here

Tamara Bubble has recently released her ‘Living It Up’ single, speaking about having fun, on nights out. Why would you go out and not enjoy yourself, that’s not the intention you came out with when you left your house, or was it? *Raised eyebrow* The single can be purchased on iTunes, don’t forget the six track EP also entitled ‘Living It Up’. Make sure you support the Brooklyn girl, we know we do, we’ve already purchased the single, can you say the same?  …

Check out the full review here

LFM Music Review - Tamara Bubble Living It Up

Tamara Bubble is Living It Up! (New Music)

Tamara Bubble dropped some heat for the summer!

Stream her brand new single “Living It Up” on her official web Site OR

Tamara Bubble Living It Up on iTunes

Tamara Bubble featured on Hot 97!!!! (Put A Chill On Violence)

NEW YORK STAND UP!!! With the recent release of Tamara Bubble’s P.ublic S.ervice A.nnouncement EP, it’s no surprise that she took the pledge to Put A Chill On Violence.  If you were tuned into Hot 97 this past week you got the news first hand, if not, check out the feature below …

Tamara Bubble on Hot 97