Hip Hop Truth: Men Only Listen To Female Rappers on Mute

By: Tamara Bubble

Tamara Bubble - Article - Men only listen to female rappers on muteSince the birth of Hip Hop over 40 years ago, females have always been able to quickly find their spots in the game. Queen Latifah and Lauryn Hill come to mind and came to the forefront with positive messages, demanding respect whether singing or rapping. Even Lil Kim and Foxy Brown took a more sexualized, commanding approach and managed to thrive in male dominated industry. Now, it seems harder for a female rapper to deny she’s a bad B**** than it is for her to keep her clothes on to prove it. Have females lost their way in Hip Hop? What’s our message? Who’s our voice in the new millennium?

I started a thread on a forum asking for honest feedback on the current state of hip hop and whether females have any place in it. They were brutally honest. See some of the responses below:

§ “Females should only rap wit their lower 2 mouths”

§ “Females tend to the family in the homestead while the males go out and hunt. That’s human physiology. Stop trying to defy nature.”

§ “It’s like that in rap because it tends to be like that in the real world. Only hip hop has evolved out of heavy male swagger and so it becomes difficult for women to be accepted to what has become something of a men’s club.”

§ “Eazy-E told me all b*****s aint s**t”

§ [Video Post] of SEAN PRICE stating he likes no female rappers … they don’t hold his interest

§ “its cool with me if they rap, mostly I like when they sing or dance”

§ “… The vast majority use their vaginas more than their brain. The rap scene needs to gather its own respect back as a art. Because there is no way a good female rapper would make it in today’s scene without flashing something.”

§ “The Game aint that nice anymore; By the numbers Female emcees are hard and above better than the men of this arena”

§ “Any female rapper that wears a weave should be banned from rapping”

§ “Women mcs are wack as f**k”

§ “A big part of hip hop is finding your swag and tapping into it. Most women emcees are just what others want them to be … only original emcees last. Most women are cookie cutter. Either lipstick dikes/bi-sexuals or butch thug bull dikes. Missy elliott was original and she’s prob the goat female emcee. Also lauryn hill found her own lane. Rest are trash even if skilled cuz they’re generic. Women have trashy novels. Hip hops mostly a male artform”

§ “There are plenty of dope female rappers that get no play cuz they’re not what dudes want them to be. Dudes wanna see ass n titties so those are the b****s that get love. Doesn’t really matter what these dudes think either way cuz most female rapper fans are females so no point in starting this discussion amidst this sausage fest forum”

§ “Hip hop is based on hyperbole and one upsmanship. That’s inconsistent with what people want to see in women. Missy did it well. She tweaked it. Her hyperbole was visual through videos and her one upsmanship was replaced with self-effacing humor. She deconstructed female ideals same way male hip hoppers deconstruct underdog status. It was dope. But most female emcees are trash. Women lean towards creative outlets other than rap”

§ When I see females in hip hop I swang on dem thangs

One of the best comments that came out of the thread was … “You just have a lot of people who are sexist. But I also feel like women are limited in what they can do with Hip-Hop. If they talk about sex like men do, then they’re called “Whores”. If they try talking tough like men do they’re called “Dikes”. So I guess the answer is to just be dope.

Not all the comments were evil lol. A few of the girls that got positive (honorable mentions) were Bahamadia, Tiye Phoenix, Rapsody, Jean Grae, Lauryn Hill, Mystik, M.I.A., Nitty Scot, Dessa, Rah Digga, Lady of Rage etc.

For now, I’m not satisfied with the level of representation in main stream, but I will say that I’m glad we’re at least still in the discussion. I’m definitely going to be contributing some new music to the culture with the hopes of keeping the conversation going … in a more positive light! My motto is and has always been “The industry needs a little more lipstick”.

Let me know your thoughts. Are there any dope girls / female emcees we missed or do you think all girls suck? Either way, leave a comment because we can’t read minds. #BubbleOnDeck

About Tamara Bubble

Picture the ultimate blend of Pop, R&B and Jazz, Soul and Hip Hop. Music that defies genre. Delivered with raw vocals and heartfelt emotion, Tamara Bubble creates timeless hits that will be around for years to come.

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