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The Real Meaning Behind #BubbleOnDeck [VIDEO]

It’s more easier now than ever to become famous … worldstar fights, reality TV and sextapes (and sometimes, all of the above combined). Everybody’s goal is relevance, but I want to remembered for my art and not antics to get attention.

A lot of people ask me what “Bubble On Deck” means because I say it so much, when I’m really just another dreamer like you. When I say #BubbleOnDeck I’m speaking my dreams into existence, but I can show you better than I can tell you!

So Gone Challenge … SHOWER EDITION! [VIDEO]

I don’t know how dangerous it is for me to be dropping mics in the shower, but CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! Check out my #SoGoneChallenge Remix Video #BubbleOnDeck

Tamara Bubble Covers ‘1212 Mag’ September 2016

Tamara Bubble Covers the latest issue of 1212 Magazine  

Tamara Bubble graces the September Issue of 1212 Mag! #BubbleOnDeck Check out the full cover story. Digital and Physical copies are available via

Tamara Bubble on the 1212 Magazine cover

Tamara Bubble Covers 1212 Magazine

Tamara Bubble Covers 1212 Mag

1212 Magazine