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Tamara Bubble Proves “Your Favorite Rapper is a Girl” with her new EP

Save the date: January 15, 2018, because Tamara Bubble will prove “Your Favorite Rapper Is A Girl“.

On this upcoming EP, Tamara Bubble doesn’t shy away from the negative stigma of being labeled a “female rapper”. In fact, she embraces her femininity with a juicy lineup of powerful, comical and sexy bars coupled with dynamic production from @its_dagod, @bombprod205, @beatabuzapat and @thecratez. Within 7 tracks, Tamara will turn you on, make you dance, think, and lyrically turn you out! Topics include domestic violence, gambling vs. saving, investing, business ownership, dealing w/ rumors, gossip, death and much more! Tamara’s creativity knows no bounds and is far from “girlie”. Check out the track list above and  PREORDER TODAY!!

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