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DIY Queen: Get to know Tamara Bubble


Tamara Bubble is a lot of things: a singer, rapper, dancer, entertainer, actress, model, and the ultimate blend of pop, R&B, jazz, soul, and hip-hop.

What sets Charlotte-based creative apart from everyone producing is that she actually is….busy. Named “Female Rapper of the Year” by the Underground Music Awards, Tamara’s productivity is astounding.

“Your Favorite Rapper is a Girl” streaming on all platforms #BubbleOnDeck. Listen and read our interview with the prolific femme below.

How has Missy Elliot’s work inspired yours? 
Missy does it all effortlessly, rapper, singer, producer! Her music videos were colorful and out of the box. Her style and fashion was the cookie-cutter stereotypical “female rapper” get up. She’s just dope. She’s a constant reminder that when you’re original you don’t have to fit in, the people will make room for you and your creativity.

Why DIY? 
Tech N9ne, Chance the Rapper, and Russ (before he signed)…

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“Living Like I’m Lucky” prod by @KrazyFigz is set to air in retail locations throughout North America!

“Your Favorite Rapper is a Girl”, but she sings too and has landed a major retail placement! Expect to hear some Tamara Bubble vocals in a mall or two near you because her brand new single “Living Like I’m Lucky” will air across popular national indoor and outdoor mall chains, national retail shops, restaurant chains, fashionable retail plazas and well-know big box retailers in the US and Canada.

Stream “Living Like I’m Lucky” & Watch her official music video “Laundry” . Let us know in the comments whether you prefer BARS or VOCALS from Tamara Bubble! #BubbleOnDeck

Living Like I'm Lucky - Cover Art