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All This Booty Cleavage Is Getting Outta Control [VIDEO]

“oooh I just love the way he sag¬†ūüėĀ¬†#BootyCleavage
~ said NO GIRL EVER 

Dear Guys.¬†All this time you thought it was trendy to sag¬†so¬†I want to apologize on behalf of girls across the world. I’m sorry we never told you¬†that we actually HATE IT. Now you’ve gotten comfortable … all the extra low sagging and¬†plumbers’ syndrome … all those raggedy draws. The holes. THE STAINS. All this BOOTY CLEAVAGE everywhere. It’s insane and it jiggles! Enough is enough … pull them pants up fellas! I got Krazyfigz on the track production and I even got¬†‘BootyCleavage’ t-shirts and hoodies¬†available so you know it’s real. #BubbleOnDeck

“You may be ballin, but I can’t take you serious. Cuz you got Booty Cleavage and I don’t wanna see it”¬†

BUY ‘Booty Cleavage’ Tees & Hoodies NOW AVAILABLE¬†

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„Äč„Äč#BootyCleavage „Ää„Ää ¬†When guys¬†have a¬†#jigglefactor and don’t eem know it #ugonlearntoday

Tamara Bubble Hits International Airwaves: “Towel Boy” Added to Radio Stations Across the Globe!

Tamara Bubble’s latest single “Towel Boy” has been gaining traction internationally and most recently in France!!

“Tamara Bubble is also receiving widespread airplay across the European Union in countries including Ireland, UK and France to name a few” ~ RADIO IRISH

TOWEL BOY has also received airplay in Canada, Africa and on college radio in India.

Tamara Bubble on CMBF Radio in France

Tamara Bubble featured in Hip Hop Enquirer [MUSIC REVIEW]

Visit for the official post! #BubbleOnDeck

Tamara Bubble featured in Hip Hop Enquirer

Spit Hot Fire 16 Bar Challenge: Tamara Bubble [Hot 99.1 FM]

Urban Buzz Factor Artist Spotlight: Tamara Bubble Is A Femcee On A Mission

International Hip Hop phenom Tamara Bubble is a head strong female rapper determined to leave an impact on the music game. The Brooklyn native is on a mission to prove that a female rapper can make great strides in the industry without the aid of major male co-signers …


Urban Buzz Factor Artist Spotlight - Tamara Bubble is a Femcee on a Mission

Urban Buzz Factor Artist Spotlight - Tamara Bubble is a Femcee on a Mission2

Urban Buzz Factor Artist Spotlight - Tamara Bubble is a Femcee on a Mission3

Tamara Bubble on K-100 Radio [Interview]

Tamara Bubble Interview with Blizm on K-100 Radio
Tamara Bubble linked up with PD Blizm of K-100 Radio to talk about her new single “Cut The Check”, shows, shower rod drama and drop. Click to watch below. Comment and share.



Tamara Bubble in BWD Magazine “More Than Just an Artist to Watch!” [May 2014 Issue]

Tamara Bubble gets the artist spotlight in the May 2014¬†issue of BWD Magazine as “More Than Just An Artist to Watch”. Click on any of the photos below to read the feature and full issue ¬†

BWD may issue

BWD may issue2

BWD may issue Tamara Bubble

Carolina Cuts Episode 68: Interview with Tamara Bubble

Tamara Bubble chopped it up with Relic of RIP / Carolina Cuts / Ill Muzik Radio for an exclusive! Press play below to hear why Tamara hates mixtapes, was an MJ groupie and more!

Be sure to check out the full episode of Carolina Cuts here It includes the full interview and lots of music from other artist in the Carolinas and around the world! Tell Relic and Gangsta Barbie that Tamara Bubble sent ya!

For more information visit … OR

Carolina Cuts with Tamara Bubble

Tamara Bubble Now Featured on Earbits Radio

We¬†have exciting news!¬†Tamara Bubble¬†has just been selected for Earbits Radio, which is a very selective independent music service that has no commercials and a ton of great stations to pick from! It’s kind of a big deal. Check it out

Do Your Part
Pull Them Pants Up
To Kill A Baby

Happy Listening: #BubbleOnDeck

Tamara Bubble on Earbits Radio

P.S. If you’re another artist or band and you haven’t made it on Earbits yet … shame on you! Do yourself a favor and tell em I sent ya


Tamara Bubble Featured in Boston Globe! (PSA: Pull Them Pants Up)

Tamara Bubble recently had an interview with a Megan Irons, a reporter from the Boston Globe about her latest single “Pull Them Pants Up” and the issue of sagging pants! Check out¬†the¬†full Article¬†in today’s METRO section of the BOSTON GLOBE!

Tamara Bubble in Boston Globe


“Sagging should stop now,” Bubble said in a phone interview. “Girls don’t like it and people don’t take you seriously in general.¬† You can’t get a job with it. If you go to court with it, you’re probably going to lose your case. In all aspects of life, it’s not healthy.”