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Tamara Bubble Hosts all-new TV Show “U gon Get Got”

WATCH Episode 1: “If That’s Your Real Name” of U gon Get Got (Hosted by Tamara Bubble)

 Visit for more information on how to be a guest on an upcoming episode

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U gon Get Got! is an online TV show that exposes scammers in the entertainment business (sports, acting, music, comedy, etc). The show will also highlight good companies and professionals; a platform that host Tamara Bubble believes will build a stronger independent arts community.


Check the database so you don’t get got too! Send letters to be a guest/featured on the show!

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Tamara Bubble in BWD Magazine “More Than Just an Artist to Watch!” [May 2014 Issue]

Tamara Bubble gets the artist spotlight in the May 2014 issue of BWD Magazine as “More Than Just An Artist to Watch”. Click on any of the photos below to read the feature and full issue

BWD may issue

BWD may issue2

BWD may issue Tamara Bubble